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Well, I have come across a few surveys, and have conducted some closer-to-home research among my friends and colleagues.

The main view of female partners (and one male partner) of men who are taking Viagra is that it is a positive thing. But perhaps a little strangely it is not because it enables their partner to enter them and have full intercourse; it’s because of the change in attitude of their men. Yes, a few women said that they could once again achieve orgasm- something that had been denied to them when their partners suffered from ED. But others said that it just made their partners so much more happy, cheerful, confident and content. Some said it was like turning back the clock to shortly after marriage, when sex was a regular on the agenda, and when their husbands made them feel wanted and desired. They said that their man seemed more attentive to them, relieved that the problem of ED had been curbed, and eager to shower gratitude and even gifts on their wives and partners because of the re-birth of their virility and manhood.

There was a darker side. A few older women complained that since they had experienced the menopause, they had largely gone off of sex, and therefore feared that their newly re-rampant men would start to look somewhere else to show off their Viagra-fuelled eagerness for sex if they failed to show enthusiasm for having sexual activity. However of those women that initially felt that way, some had therapy and/or treatment at the doctors to make sure that they too could join in and enjoy their man’s desire for sex.

Nobody likes to talk about being sexually frustrated or unhappy in the bedroom, but the reality is that many couples go through this at some stage. Although ED can be attributed to stress at work, tiredness, and sometimes alcohol, the drug makes a difference. It can cut through tiredness and even a few glasses of beer or wine, and allow the penis to become erect and be useful in sexual engagement. On the stress-related front, while the stress could be caused by factors such as worry about financial issues, health or work, women said that the stress became much worse when ED began to rear its head (or not as the case probably was!) Once the drug had been used to treat ED, that gave the man confidence, bolstered his ego, and that part of the stress fell away. In some cases, the re-engagement in intimacy and sexual activity actually dealt a body-blow to other stress-related issues, putting them in perspective, and allowing them to be dealt with in a calm and confident way. I bet the manufacturers of Viagra hadn’t anticipated that positive effect!